Warehouse Villa in Isumi

The site is located in Isumi, a town on the eastern edge of the Boso Peninsula facing the Pacific Ocean. The client was seeking to build a warehouse for storage which could be used as a weekend retreat for family and friends as well.
The essence of a warehouse is a shelter for protection from rain and wind. The concept was to enlarge this primitive shelter as much as possible; to make a piece of architecture purely from an outer skin. The aim was to create a naturally changing wholesome atmosphere where the inhabitants respond to the coastland environment, finding the joy in spending time close to nature.



TypePrivate Residence, IndustrialYear2022StatusCompletedLocationChiba, JapanArea199m2CollaborationMika Araki (Structural Engineer), Yuki Tsutsumi (Fabric)ContractorTosho KensetsuPhotographyKai Nakamura, Shinkenchiku-sha

Privacy Preference Center