Penguin Shuttle Magome/Ebaramachi Store

Penguin Shuttle is a store that sells and delivers fresh vegetables from the farm and high-quality local food products. Since there are no supermarkets nearby, the grocery seeks to be not only just a high-quality food store, but also a place that will make it easier for people with low mobility to access everyday products.
The store and street are divided only by an uplifted tent and a sheet of glass. The tent, with its frontal edge hanging in a catenary-like curve, relates to the façade of other stores in the neighborhood while creating an accent in the rhythm of stores on the street.



TypeInterior, RetailYear2017StatusCompletedLocationTokyo, JapanArea36.4m2CollaborationIzumi Okayasu Lighting Design (Lighting Design)ContractorWatanabe-kigyoPhotographyKai Nakamura

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