House with Gardens and Roofs

The house is located in Hamamatsu, a city on the southern coast of Central Japan, known for its warm climate. The house is a detached extension of an existing house built in 1983. Our aim was to create a whole, old and new altogether rather than emphasizing the contrast between the two. Linear volumes stretching in the east-west direction, spread over the site leaving spaces in between, which are the terraces and gardens. The group of roofs relate to that of the existing house, creating a sense of continuation.
The house is conceived of familiar wood construction elements composed in a slightly unfamiliar way: furniture/storage units, beams, studs, and the roof. In between the furniture units are sliding windows and doors that can be fully opened, which connect the detached interior spaces, and the existing house together. The roof is lifted up from the beams, making the indoor somewhat like covered outdoor space. The project is an attempt to seek new relationships between indoor and outdoor, old and new.


敷地は浜松市の中心部、交通量の多い国道沿いに位置する。大正期に建てられた母屋の建て替え計画である。1983 年に建てられた既存の住宅を使い続けつつ、新たな住宅を建てるため、広義の増築ともいえる。北側の住宅と芝生の庭など、既存要素の魅力を最大限享受すべく、南北の敷地全体に住まうことをコンセプトとしている。

TypePrivate ResidenceYear2016StatusCompletedLocationHamamatsu, JapanArea125m2CollaborationMika Araki (Structural Engineer)ContractorSugiuragumiPhotographyDaici Ano

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